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Dear Investor

Creating real value: Investors are always looking for an investment where they can maximize their return on their money at the same time as low risk as possible. In order to achieve this, you can choose between monetary values and real assets.

There are many reasons to invest your money in real estate right now.

Investors who diversify with real estate get a higher return than those who do not. Almost every successful investor has invested a significant portion of their portfolio in real estate, sometimes more than 20%. Historically, these investors have outdated those who have invested only in stocks and bonds

Not everyone looking for a capital investment with a lasting appreciation potential can or wants suitable real estate itself purchase. If you still want to take advantage of the hour, you will find the right partner in the Unicorn Group. Specializing in tax-optimized heritage conservation and project development at selected locations, we offer a limited group of investors the opportunity to benefit from some of the most profitable segments of the German real estate market.

Why our strategy / current account / existing projects have the best prerequisites for your investment success, please read on the following pages.

Become a successful partner in the UNICORN GROUP now!

The real estate industry is one of the largest, most important and safest growth sectors of the German economy.

We look forward to a long-term partnership and are very optimistic to welcome you as an investor in our group after reading our documents.


Guaranteeing a continuous and solid growth within the UNICORN GROUP is our developed business model. With our competence team, the lucrative expansion in the project development business segment was completed, which offers great profit potential. Our business model for the production of concrete gold:

“Buy – Renovate – Retail sale – within 3 years”


The UNICORN Group acquires real estate projects with a focus on listed buildings and consistently implements the optimal value added chain in the real estate industry, from project development to the sale / distribution of its apartments. This guarantees us a portfolio that caters to both the requirements of high investors Tax progression, as well as the needs of future users. Therefore, already at the beginning of the project development, the essential foundations are created for the future profitability and marketability of a property.

The business model developed by UNICORN REAL ESTATE AG for the UNICORN Group is based on the core competence of permanent architects / specialists for the financing of our real estate projects with banks, as well as a network of excellent consulting companies.

The projects developed include listed property (refurbished old buildings), as well as exclusive new buildings. The UNICORN portfolio therefore offers in the future, i.a. Condos on as investment, as well as selected large areas for institutional investors.

It is planned to complete all projects of the Unicorn Group within three years at the latest so that our capital investment will be available again at short notice for new investments. The shorter the amortization period for our real estate projects, the faster our working capital can be invested in new projects.

The financial years 2019/2020 should be used to strengthen the capital base of the UNICORN Group with debt through our small capital investments. The capital injected by the investors considerably strengthens the equity base of the UNICORN Group (from 30% to 100% of the project financing), so that low-interest loans can be acquired from financial institutions. Other attractive projects can thus be competitively fast without bank financing at a favorable price Purchase prices are purchased. In order to realize the purchase, utilization and sale of our real estate, substantial capital investments are required, which are to be raised through private equity measures. The core business of the UNICORN Group in the coming years will be characterized by the implementation of your projects Charlottenhöhe / Schwanenwerder / Neufeld. In the coming months, 3 project companies are to be brought into the UNICORN Group, who have completed their early bird phase / early stage financing and now need additional capital for their growth phase. These companies have already completed assets on their balance sheets or finished project development for a (own) future project.