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Dear investors and interested parties,

to create real value, investors are always looking for an opportunity to use their money with the highest possible return and, at the same time, the least possible risk. In order to achieve this, one can choose between monetary values ​​and real assets.

In order to achieve this, you can choose between monetary values and real assets. The experience from the financial crisis, a historically low interest rate, lack of housing in German cities, rising real estate prices, legitimate fear of inflation.

There are many reasons to invest your money in real estate right now.

Not every one looking for an investment with a lasting potential for increase wants to acquire suitable real estate by or for themselves. If you want to take advantage of the hour, you will find the right partner in Unicorn Real Estate GmbH. Specializing in new construction, tax-optimized preservation of historic buildings and the project development business in selected locations, Unicorn Real Estate GmbH offers the opportunity to benefit from some of the most profitable segments of the German real estate market to a limited group of investors. The various small capital investments of Unicorn Real Estate GmbH offer the chance of well above-average returns. Our assets, expert knowledge and responsible management secure your investment.

Please read on the following pages why our strategy / current account / existing projects offer the best prerequisites for the success of your investment.

Become a successful shareholder with Unicorn Real Estate GmbH!

The real estate industry is one of the largest, most important and safest growth sectors of the German economy.

We look forward to a long-term partnership and are very optimistic to welcome you after reading more about our company.


Norbert Traut

Managing Director


Unicorn Real Estate
Königsallee 2B
40212 Düsseldorf

About us

Unicorn Real Estate Gesellschaft mbH is a young company, nevertheless incorporating more than 20 years of experience through its network partners in the real estate industry and in the field of financial services. Our focus is on the trading of real estate and mobile assets, small capital investments, property development and real estate brokerage to third parties. Managing directors and shareholders provide in-depth knowledge of the tangible asset market, which they conscientiously put into the service of the economic development of the company and therefore the asset accumulation of participating investors.

Unicorn Real Estate Gesellschaft mbH specializes in acquisition, development, management and sales of residential real estate. The main focus of our activities is on renovation, distribution and privatization of high-quality vintage buildings with historical built heritage. The preservation of  cultural heritage is a guarantee of the permanently positive performance of these investment objects. In this context, Unicorn Real Estate Gesellschaft mbH acts as an innovative project developer and successful real estate marketer.

Our success is based on a coherent and proven investment concept for our investors. This not only takes into account the quality of the location, but also the possibilities for an extraordinary, user-friendly design and highly individualized equipment as well as sustainability aspects, e.g. through the skillful integration of art and culture. Comprehensive quality control as well as target group-specific marketing by the company’s own sales department or external sales partners ensure a swift and profitable privatization for investors and tenants alike.

Business Model UNICORN GROUP

UNICORN GROUP acquires real estate projects with a focus on listed buildings and consistently implements the optimal value chain in the real estate industry, from project development to the sale and/or distribution of apartments. This guarantees us a portfolio that is tailored to both the needs of high tax investors as well as future users. Therefore, the essential foundations for future profitability and marketability of a property are already established at the beginning of project development.

The business model for UNICORN GROUP developed by UNICORN REAL ESTATE AG is based on the main competence of employed architects/specialists for the financing of our real estate projects with banks as well as a network of excellent consulting companies.

UNICORN REAL ESTATE AG (ZURICH, Bahnhofstrasse 10 / entrance on Börsenstraße 18) is our parent company, a Swiss holding company that is going to implement its developed UNICORN business model through its 100% subsidiary UNICORN REAL ESTATE GMBH and its project companies in Germany.

Unicorn Real Estate Gesellschaft mbH emphasizes its promise to our investors: Our concept of value stands for an ethic of economic responsibility, which puts the thinking about safety above  ​​return decisions and allows only for investments in real and solid assets.

Unicorn Real Estate GmbH Management

Geschäftsführer von Unicorn Real Estate Düsseldorf Norbert Traut

Norbert Traut

Managing Director

Norbert Traut has many years of experience in the selection, evaluation, contract optimization and management of medium-sized real estate projects. With 20 years of experience in the management of companies and a completed training as a real estate agent, he secures the future of the UNICORN group of companies. In addition, he is in possession of the permit § 34 c, Industrial Code.

Leiter Finanzen Unicorn Real Estate Thomas Bicker

Thomas Bicker

Director of Finances

Thomas Bicker is responsible for finances and accounting of the UNICORN GROUP. Being an international accountant, Thomas Bicker has 25 years of experience in financing of residential, commercial and special real estate, funds and companies. With his extensive experience as a long-time commercial director and chief financial officer in various companies, both in the real estate sector as well as in retail and wholesale, he develops profitability and liquidity plans for financing our real estate projects with financial institutions.