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Real Estate Investment

Investment crisis in Germany

Classic investments, from savings accounts to life insurance, no longer generate any interest. Stocks and funds oftenly suffer from high volatility resulting from stock market developments.

The only real alternative – inflation-protected, low-risk but still highly profitable – are real assets, especially real estate.

However, these are not affordable for everyone. Not every investor looking for an investment with permanent potential for value appreciation is capable or willing to acquire suitable real estate by himself.

Investors let their capital work precisely in some of the most profitable real estate segments in Germany without having to become active in the market by themselves or having to raise the total investment for a high-yield real estate object.

Current investment projects

Strengthen your capital with real estate by Unicorn Real Estate GmbH

Unicorn Real Estate GmbH now offers our investors the opportunity to participate in value stocks via small capital investments with comparably small amounts of capital. Investors can benefit from our equally traditional and innovative investment models.


Offers for security-oriented investors

For comparison

Traditional investments

Passbook: 0.25%
Fixed investment: 1.50%
Fond savings: 3.65%

Investing in Unicorn Real Estate GmbH

Real estate bond ranging from 5.25% to 6.75%

Did you know?

Investors who diversify their assets with real estate achieve a higher return rate than those who don’t.

Almost every successful investor has invested a significant portion of their portfolio in real estate, sometimes more than 20%. Historically, these investors outdated those who invested only in stocks and bonds. With Unicorn Real Estate GmbH, participating is quite easy. Just register, uncomplicated and without obligation!

Bildquelle: Yale Endowment Reports; Bloomberg
Image source: Yale Endowment Reports; Bloomberg

Profit from the real estate market

Unicorn Real Estate GmbH offers its investors the chance to achieve well above-average returns through various small-capital investments with a very conservative investment strategy. The assets, expert knowledge and responsible management of Unicorn Real Estate GmbH secure your investment.

Unicorn Real Estate Gesellschaft mbH is a young company, nevertheless incorporating more than 20 years of experience through its network partners in the real estate industry and in the field of financial services. Our focus is on the trading of real estate and mobile assets, small capital investments, property development and real estate brokerage to third parties.

Unicorn Real Estate Gesellschaft mbH specializes in acquisition, development, management and sales of residential real estate. The main focus of our activities is on renovation, distribution and privatization of high-quality vintage buildings with historical built heritage. The preservation of cultural heritage is a guarantee of the permanently positive performance of these investment objects. In this context, Unicorn Real Estate Gesellschaft mbH acts as an innovative project developer and successful real estate marketer.

Unicorn Real Estate Gesellschaft mbH emphasizes its promise to our investors:

“Our concept of value stands for an ethic of economic responsibility, which puts the thinking about safety above ​​return decisions and allows only for investments in real and solid assets.”

Useful information

A subordinated loan is the design form of mezzanine capital that comes closest to the classic loan. The main difference is the subordination of the subordinated loan to the lender. Withdrawal results in the lender withdrawing his claims against claims of third-party creditors from senior debt loans in the event of bankruptcy. In the balance sheet, the loan continues to be reported as debt despite the subordination of the subordinate. Subordinated loans are usually unsecured and therefore carry a higher default risk for the lender compared to the traditional loan. This risk is compensated by increased interest rates for the investor.

Registered bonds, as financial instruments for companies in capital markets law, have a special status as securities-free investments due to the simplified margins of clause exemption from the general prospectus obligation. Registered bonds or bearer bonds as securities, promissory note loans and shareholder loans are contractual agreements in accordance with §§ 488 ff, 793 ff BGB with a right for creditor claim (“money against interest”). Bonds are issued by companies for financing at a fixed annual rate. Therefore, bonds are formalized securities-oriented “loans”. They represent liabilities in the balance sheet and are issued with a fixed interest or a minimum interest plus profit participation (profit-based bonds) for corporate financing on time. Loans, subordinated loans and shareholder loans (profit loans) are not securitized legal relationships like bonds, but informal individual contracts.

How it works

Step 1

Fill out the form. After your request, you will receive actual investment opportunities.

Step 2

Choose from various small capital investments.

Step 3

You send the documents back and benefit immediately.